Cleethorpes Beach which is only a five minute walk from my home
Welcome to my personal website and I hope you not only enjoy your visit, but will come back often.  In my site you will find a collection of information and good stuff for you to download and enjoy. 

As you can see from the picture on the left, I live in a small resort town, called Cleethorpes, which is situated on the east coast of England.

Cleethorpes gets really busy in the summer with visitors to the town; day-trippers and people staying for their vacation.  The money they bring into the town is really welcome, but it's nice, come September, when the children go back to school and the visitors go home, leaving Cleethorpes to us locals for the Autumn (Fall) and Winter months.

I consider myself really lucky to live in such a great little town, where all the people are not only friendly, but look out for each other.

Cleethorpes Pier at night - including a bar and restuarant
As a single dad to my son, Morgan I can say it is a great place to bring up children.  Oh, we have crimes like anywhere else, but nothing compared to many of the big towns and cities in England which are blighted with drugs and crime.

I'm not native to Cleethorpes, but having now lived here for 20 years, I consider myself a local.  My son, having been born here is 100% local.  He's 17 now and having just completed his GCSE exams he has left school and attends Franklin College in where he is studying towards his A levels in English, Creative Writing, Computer Science and a BTEC award in Information Technology.  His plans are to complete these courses before heading off to university to study Computer Science as his ambition is to work in IT
Cleethorpes, as a town, is twinned with a beautiful city in Germany called K√∂nigswinter (left), which is situated near Bonn and if you get the opportunity, is well worth a visit and the locals are not only friendly, but forgiving of the fact that us Brits make no effort to speak any  language other than English.

As a nation we are really protective and appreciative of the special relationship we enjoy with our cousins across the Atlantic in the USA.  Not only do we share the same language, but also strive for the same values of decency, peace, democracy and hopes for our children and young people.
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